Why isn’t it looking for my nickname in the Telegram?

Do you think, why isn’t it looking for my nickname and yagoal in Telegram when another user tries to find you through the messenger? A common problem that needs to be considered from several angles – we will tell you in detail.

Why can’t I find
Do not believe how often users say: “I cannot find a person in the Telegram.” They know how to use the search bar and know that they need to enter a nickname, not a first and last name, but they cannot achieve the desired result. This is due to one of the factors, which we will discuss in detail below!

The first reason why it does not find a person in the Telegram by nickname is that you enter the username incorrectly. Be sure to check yourself for errors. If you know the nickname of a particular person, compare each letter! Maybe you accidentally (inadvertently) typed other characters, added an extra digit, or missed an icon. This happens more often than you think.

If you are confident in the spelling, but the problem persists, you need to consider other reasons. Often the complaint “I can’t find a person in the Telegram by nickname” appears from users who forgot to put the @dog sign in front of the name being entered.

It is important! You won’t be able to find a single person unless you start your search with the dog symbol. This is a prerequisite! All unique nicknames start with @, so you should enter it first. You do not need to put a space between the dog and the rest of the characters.

Do you think why they can’t find me on Telegram? Or wondering how to find another user? It’s worth checking out the layout! In the search box, you can enter only the Latin alphabet – all nicknames are written in English letters. It is useless to try to enter a name in Russian, you will not get any results – the Russian language is not supported in this functionality!

What else is worth knowing? Sometimes it is impossible to find a contact for an elementary reason – he left the messenger. If a user has deleted their account, no search bar will help. Account does not exist!

Do not say: “I cannot find a contact in the Telegram”! Better to check if you made one of the mistakes that we talked about above. Believe me, anyone can be inattentive and not give due importance to certain rules! Most problems are fixed in a few seconds – try and see.