What is an account

It turns out that many do not know what an account is! – It turns out that an account is a user account on a resource where login and password are entered during registration.

Simply put, login is your name that you registered in the system, and password is the key that opens access to the system. Keep in mind that many users can know your login, but only you should know the password.

So what is an account – this is your Internet passport for each separately registered service on the network. Or data that reflects your Internet identity.

It has already been written about creating a Google account and registering in this important service for all. Those interested can read, maybe you will learn something new. But the main process of creating any account is registration. Then the activation process usually goes through, as a rule, through the mailbox you specified.

To strengthen the protection and unauthorized access of other users, some services on which you create accounts may require, in addition to a password, other methods of login confirmation. It can be a code that comes to your phone one-time, and an additional USB device, or a link to your mailbox.

If an account is protected by double protection (password and one-time code), then this is called two-factor authentication, because attackers can harm you by stealing access to your account in any of the social networks.

What is an account for?
In order to communicate on social networks, on forums, use mail, work with payment systems and Internet wallets, make purchases on the Internet, we need an account, which is different for each of the mentioned services.

What the account consists of:

Date of Birth
Your photo
Additional data may also be indicated. It all depends on what service you create it in.
These are common components for any account that can identify a user as a person.

I have already described in detail what an account on Instagram is, and they also start accounts in contact with classmates, Facebook and other social networks. Well, many of you already have them and therefore understand what I mean and how it’s done.

How can ill-wishers hack an account?
The security of your accounts is a guarantee that they remain yours. How do cybercriminals hack user accounts? – Some use brute force methods, and in this case, the fraudsters have special bots in their arsenal.

These programs sort out passwords using special dictionaries that are hardwired into these same programs. Therefore, they usually crack popular and light passwords without hindrance, such as (12345, hello, I love you).

Another way to get a password is to intercept it. These are Wi-Fi networks intended for public use in various cafes and other places. Unfortunately, very often public Wi-Fi is designed in such a way that almost any user connected to the network can see your data.

The most cunning scammers seek to obtain account login data from the account holders themselves. They do it this way; impersonate some well-known organization or service. As an example, they can send a letter on behalf of the bank with a request to send a password from the account to resolve technical issues. Also popular are the so-called authorization windows depicted in the style of a social network or other service on which your account is located, which these scammers decided to hack.

Like you have a new message from the service, log in to read it. You enter your username and password there, after which the scammers steal your login information. This method is called phishing, meaning such a moment that a person, like a fish, swallows a thrown hook himself.