SMM – strategy: an example of the right strategy plan

Here is a basic list of what should be covered in the strategy prior to the launch of the community about telegram onlyfans:

purpose of social networking
the topic of the community and its motto (it is not necessary to advertise it in the community)
target audience (age, location, occupation, lifestyle);
the nature of publications (common for all groups of target audience, focused on different target audiences; topics covered and their ratio), as well as the frequency of their release, the design of the community
ways to stimulate user activity depending on what is closer to them
promotion (channels, methods…)
development forecasts
Of course, this is the minimum plan. Depending on the activities of the company, the CMM strategy may include many other sections and details that will be applicable only in its case. The main and invariable rule is the presence of social media specialists with sufficient experience and understanding of the intricacies of platform differences and digital marketing features.