About advertising in social networks

Advertising in social networks is quite an important and very effective opportunity for the user, since such sites are the place where most people spend a lot of their free time. Since this issue is relevant today, this article will consider the principle of advertising placement, as well as what the cost of these services will depend on.

The cost of such advertising in any social platform depends on the popularity of the page or group. Often the audience that is subscribed to you and the competition of the topic are taken into account.

You can agree on the placement of your advertising on social networks directly with the owner of the account or group, or through exchanges that are intermediaries between the advertiser and the owner of the site. If you act directly, it will save money, but there is no guarantee that your conditions will be fulfilled 100%.

If something is not in agreement with the agreement, then you will not be able to protect your rights in any way. If you order advertising in social networks through exchanges, then it will cost more, but you will have clear statistics of the page or group and possibly reviews from someone who has already had experience of cooperation with this platform.

In any case, you will have guarantees that all conditions will be met. If something goes wrong, the exchange will be on your side, and you will be able to get your funds back on your request.

In this rather affordable way, you can get money back for your advertising on social networks, which will be an economically correct step in social advertising.

Types of social media job ads
There are several types of advertisements. The most common type is ad posting. It resembles advertisements both in magazines and on television.

To do this, a site is selected with the target audience of your potential buyers, and at rush hour, when most of the audience is online advertising is published. In other cases, you can pay only for the clicks of users on the link, to the site or online store that you are advertising. In addition, you can order advertising from the site itself.

For example, resources such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, or Facebook provide advertising, where the target audience will also be selected, and you can pay either for views or for clicks.

As for the numbers, the cost for the same operations in different social networks for advertising differs. The most popular advertising platform is the Vkontakte website. Here advertising has the lowest prices, but advertisements are ordered here more often. On average, the cost of one click or transition to your resource is 10 rubles. If you advertise your page or group, then the cost of the joined subscriber after the transition will be about 10 times higher.

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If you want to place an advertising post, then in this case the price for its placement will depend on the number of audience, as well as on the number of visitors to the group every day. There can be 50,000 people in a group, and according to statistics, less than a thousand people visit this site every day. Therefore, in this case, it is important to know the statistics of the site and the price for 1000 views of an advertising post should be on average 150 rubles. the site owners adhere to approximately the same calculations.

Advertisers and social media
Often advertisers do not even consider groups and pages in social media. networks with an audience of less than 20,000 subscribers, considering that this is a small audience. But sometimes the statistics of small groups are not worse than the statistics of communities, which several times exceed these groups in terms of the number of subscribers. Sometimes it is more efficient and more profitable to order advertising in dozens of groups with an audience of 10,000 users than to order one advertisement in a group with 100,000 audience.

Thus, we examined the pricing policy of Vkontakte. On Instagram, the prices will be about the same. In Odnoklassniki, the price can be up to 20% higher. Advertising on Facebook will cost up to 50% higher than Vkontakte.

We hope this article helped you understand the principle of advertising cooperation with site owners, as well as provide an approximate cost of these services.

Hopefully, you can take advantage of social media advertising, this new opportunity, and use it for your own benefit. After all, you have to spend your money and nerves.